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Improved weight management using genetic information to personalize a calorie controlled diet

Ioannis Arkadianos, Ana M Valdes, Efstathios Marinos, Anna Florou, Rosalynn D Gill & ​Keith A Grimaldi 

Nutrition Journal volume 6, Article number: 29 (2007) 

A comparison of a ketogenic diet with a LowGI/nutrigenetic diet over 6 months for weight loss and 18-month follow-up

Maria Vranceanu, Craig Pickering, Lorena Filip, Ioana Ecaterina Pralea, Senthil Sundaram, Aseel Al-Saleh, Daniela-Saveta Popa & Keith A. Grimaldi 

BMC Nutrition volume 6, Article number: 53 (2020)

Proposed guidelines to evaluate scientific validity and evidence for genotype-based dietary advice

Keith A. Grimaldi,  Ben van Ommen, Jose M Ordovas, Laurence D Parnell, […] Jildau Bouwman 

Genes & Nutrition volume 12, Article number: 35 (2017) 

A genetic-based algorithm for personalized resistance training​

N JonesJ Kiely 2B SuraciD J CollinsD de LorenzoC PickeringK A Grimaldi

Biol Sport​. 2016 Jun;33(2):117-26. doi: 10.5604/20831862.1198210. Epub 2016 Apr 1.

Personal genetics: regulatory framework in Europe from a service provider's perspective

Keith A Grimaldi,  Markus P Look,  G Antonio Scioli,  Juan Coll Clavero,  Stathis Marinos & ​Tassos Tagaris 

European Journal of Human Genetics volume 19, pages382–388 (2011)

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